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Special Consulting and Publicity Projects: Objectives - To bring to the enterprising corporate world and people´s life in general the positive aspects that the practice of Skydiving offers even a philosophy of life as well: Challenges, resiliance, focus, dedication and personal accomplishments. All of those are parts of the basic components to achieve Success. Marcus Morandi aims to develop his abilities as a skydiver through his trainings, in a process of constant evolution, having the objective that his flights and jumps be the safest possible thus minimizing the ineherent risks that this Sport presents. He doesn´t aim to establish records, but in a certain way to contribute for the increasing and conscious development of the Skydiving sport. He became a skydiver not merely for entertainment as a Sport, and not even for the adrenaline in itself, but mostly for the passion which adds to those factors which make this Sport simply fascinating. For Marcus Morandi each skydiving jump represents a real event which generates a unique satisfaction of great realization and achievement.


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